Cloud Quakers invite everyone, near and far, isolated or not, to Quaker worship group online on Zoom, SUN 6 pm US Mountain Time (7 in CHI, 8 in NY) - on zoom dial 373 452 424.
This blog is so hopelessly dated that it had the old times on it - back when we met at 7 Mountain time. Now we meet at 6 Mountain time - that's 7 in Chicago, 8 in New York, and 5 in California.

I promised to make a page of Quaker resources, but I'm thinking now, that might have to wait. A library would be good - things to read, online, about what Quakers are - another thing that would be good, would be a list of available online meetings. One side of me wants to remain as a small worship group, not beholden to anyone, while the other wants to be a Yearly Meeting, with online meetings everywhere, in a loose global alliance.

There is plenty of opposition already. One guy posted on the Quaker website, something to the effect that sitting in a live group waiting on the Spirit could never be replaced by an online meeting. It just couldn't. And I get his point; they aren't the same. I sit on my side of the computer screen, reaching out to these people nationwide or worldwide…


Cloud Quakers is a regular Quaker Worship group. We could perhaps be a Meeting, and might be someday, but for now we are a group of regularly attending Quakers who meet online on Zoom, on Sunday evenings at 7 pm Mountain Time. 7 pm US Mountain Time is 8 in Chicago, 9 in New York, and 6 in California; we apologize for the inconvenience to those in Europe, Africa or the Far East. To join us, download Zoom (it takes ~ 5 minutes), dial 373 452 424, and you're in.

You'll find five or six regulars, and regular visitors. It's remarkably popular, and there are lots of people out there who seek a Quaker community. We intend to provide one for a wide range of people, including those who simply can't attend their local one, or don't really have a local one (mine is 70-80 miles across the White Sands and an incredibly harsh desert), or don't really fit in with their local one. My view is that we can be a community on Zoom; we can minister to each other; we can provide conn…

Cloud Quaker Quarterly

The Cloud Quakers Worship Group is now fairly stable as at least four or five of us come every week. It's nourishing, interesting, and lively. I couldn't ask for more. My own purpose was to have Quakers in my life, and around as I try to raise the last four of my ten children, who also happen to be pretty tough, as they present issues we weren't totally familiar with. Now, as I participate in Cloud Quakers on a Sunday evening, my whole family knows I'm at meeting. They tiptoe around me and listen in a little. They consider it a part of me and what I do, and I like that.

There are several issues that have come up in the course of starting a new meeting, not the least of which is zoom itself. Somehow my friend Maurine, a founding member, got listed as "Admin" and her picture now appears as "Admin," while the rest of us appear with our names by our pictures. I am not even sure how she became "Admin;" I certainly never gave her the honor, and …
Cloud Quakers invite everyone to Meeting for Worship/Worship sharing SUN 7 pm US Mountain Time, on Zoom. This week's query: Does it matter if there's an afterlife? Join us on Zoom (download Zoom, dial 373 452 424). All welcome!
cloud quakers
online at zoom, 7 pm us mountain time (8 in chicago, 9 in new york, 6 in california)
download zoom (~5 minutes, like skype), dial 373 452 424. all welcome!
we are quakers. we minister to each other; we share testimonies and support each other in living peacefully on this earth.

Cloud Quaker how-to

First, download Zoom; it takes about five minutes. You have to have a computer with good connection; phones will work, but won't work well. Zoom is a program that will stream both the main movie (whoever is on center) and little movies for all the participants, so, it needs bandwidth and a decent connection; though you might think this rules many people out, in fact, most people can do it if they are conscious and careful. I myself have to be careful to be in the living room and have my computer charger plugged in, but if all is in order, it's really no problem.

When you open up zoom (, join a meeting, and join 269-126-704; if a password is required, try Quaker. In the 7am meeting, I may be a minute or two late but will be there at 7 am or sooner. In the 7 pm (Mtn time) meeting I have lots of help and lots of us will be on there early.

I don't want to make a lot of prohibitions - no trump, no proselytizing, etc., until I have to. Let's just say it's a Qu…